Programs for Organizations

UM6P Executive Education in Sciences & Technologies partners with leading organizations to provide the learning and development solutions they need to succeed in their transformation. Our live online programs whether customized, pre-designed for larger cohorts, or focused on specific topics for smaller teams bring the UM6P experience to your organization in real time to help you drive your business competitiveness challenges.

Custom Programs

Custom Programs, where organizations become a true actor of their learning journey by respecting pedagogical and academic requirements, are designed to respond to an organization's specific challenges through rigorous concepts and frameworks and unique action learning methodologies, creating a dynamic learning experience that leads to meaningful real-world results.

UM6P Executive Education in Sciences & Technologies helps you design customized programs that transform your employees and teams. Our team of experts will partner with you to design learning experiences directly linked to your organization's unique business objectives with the ability to benefit from face-to-face residential learning and virtual learning.

Modalities of customization:

For Executive Education:

  • Required modules + optional modules.

For short programs:

  • Have the possibility to choose a course adapted to your needs.
  • Have the possibility to choose specific teachers.
  • Have the possibility to choose specific tests/prototyping in our Living labs.


Head of Customer Experience

UM6P Executive Education in Sciences & Technologies works to create programs that catalyze revolutionary change and help companies master their toughest challenges.

Areas where we typically engage include: