Pr. Abdessamad Faik

Director of LIMSET, R&D Director at innovate for Industry at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University

Professor (full), Director of LIMSET, R&D Director at innovate for Industry at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P, Ben Guerir, Morocco) and R&D&I Co-Director at Cluster Green H2. Prof. Faik obtained his PhD from the University of the Basque country, Leioa, Spain. After his PhD, he obtained a post-doctoral fellowship at CEMTHI laboratory at CNRS in Orleans, France. He then worked as a guest scientist at the German aerospace centre (DLR) in Stuttgart, Germany. Finally, he joined CIC energiGUNE in Vitoria, Spain, as a team leader of the materials development and corrosion study, coordinating the activities of the researchers within the research projects. In this latter position, his scientific activities have focused on finding innovative solutions for heat storage material development and heat storage system optimization to be used in a variety of applications, ranging from concentrated solar power, waste heat recovery in manufacturing industries, to the grid stabilization by compressed air energy storage with thermal storage and power-to–heat–to-power from variable renewable energy sources. It is very important to mention here that for the past three years he has been the coordinator of the thermal energy storage sub-programme (SP3) of EERA – European Energy Storage Alliance, which allows him to expand his contact list with main players in the energy sector in Europe. Finally, it is worth to mention that he received the researcher recognizing award, in its first edition in 2019, of the Basque Government which recognizes the research work and scientific-technological merit of scientists from the Basque Country. Currently, Pr. Faik is the Director of LIMSET, Laboratory of Inorganic Materials for Sustainable Energy Technologies. The laboratory is leading research in design, development, and optimization of the next generation of inorganic materials for their application in different processes and technologies of sustainable energy. LIMSET is conducting research in a wide range of applied sciences, aiming to contribute to the competitiveness of industries. The current research of the entity includes activities and innovative projects, such as: (a) cost-effective thermal energy storage for industrial waste heat recovery and Power-to-Heat applications, (b) all-solid batteries for future electric vehicles, and (c) innovative materials and processes for the production and storage of green hydrogen and green ammonia. Prof. Faik has published over 107 peer-reviewed articles, 6 international patents and presented over 100 contributions to international conferences.