Professor Jamal CHAOUKI

Prof. Chaouki is full professor at Polytechnique, Montréal. He is an affiliated professor at UM6P. He has supervised 53 PDFs and 52 PhDs. He published more than 450 articles in refereed journals and more than 320 in different reviewed proceedings and edited 34 books. He has 50 patents on different processes. He is a member of the Canadian Academy of Engineering. He received many awards. He received the R.S. Jane Memorial Award in 2019 for an exceptional achievement to the field of chemical engineering or industrial chemistry in Canada and in 2020 the “Excellence in Research and Innovation Awards” at Polytechnique. Last year he received the SCI Kalev Pugi Award and Honoris Genius 2021 Innovation from OIQ. He is internationally recognized for his skills in process development and scale-up. He has created 6 start-ups with his students (the last are Pyrowave and PyroCycle). His work is mainly dedicated to developing processes from waste, biomass, and complex feedstocks to heat & power, fuels, and chemicals.