Mining Environment and Circular Economy Program

Understand the main keys of the circular economy and the best practices of environmental management in order to master the methods, concepts and technologies necessary to ensure an ecological transition.

Optimization by experimental design

Benefit from a Short Program that provides a solution that considerably reduces the number of experiments to be performed compared to traditional methods

Drinking Water and Sanitation Sector Planning

Acquire advanced notions on the importance of planning in the water sector in general, and in the drinking water and sanitation sector in particular.

March 10, 2023

Fertilizer Science and Technology?

Fertilizers play a crucial role in modern agriculture, providing plants with essential nutrients needed for growth and development. Fertilizers can be classified into organic or inorganic types, each having its unique benefits. Organic fertilizers a

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Supply Chain Management Footprint in Water

Water is essential to human life and to our modern economy . While the agricultural and industrial sectors account for 92% of global water use, the overuse of fresh water has become a critical socio-environmental issue for big business. o &nb

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January 24, 2023

Machine learning : A powerful asset for better exploitation of your data

The real apparition of the Machine Learning (ML) was in 1943 when Walter Pitts and Warren McCulloch created the first mathematical model of neural networks. “A logical Calculus of The Ideas Immanent in Nervous Activity”, has been used to create the

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January 2, 2023

Smart city strategies: towards more sustainable cities in Africa?

In today's world of digitalization and the pace of technological progress is staggering, a new trend is emerging. The Smart City, also known as the "intelligent city", is emerging in an economic, environmental and social context. However, with its i

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December 22, 2022

Smart city strategies in Africa: Redefinition, Motivations and the Need for Training

The term "smart city" is being used more and more frequently and that numerous projects bearing this label are emerging across the continent. Despite this, uncertainty still exists regarding what exactly a smart city is and, moreover, why and how it

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September 16, 2022

Data science, a key player in cybersecurity 

Today's world is characterized by a high level of IT intensity, and there is no denying the fact that we are governed by digital technology. Megadata are becoming more and more essential to master this or that field, including cybersecurity as well

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August 22, 2022

Agriculture, a key engine of economic growth 

Agriculture has always played a key role in the Moroccan economy, and over the years, the sector has adapted to different fluctuations to finally become one of the most important factors in the economy. In some countries, its importance is more

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August 15, 2022

Why is water a major issue for sustainable development ?

 The management of fresh water requires more and more collective attention. It is a major issue for the decades to come. This resource is essential to human health, prosperity and security. Yet billions of people around the world face serio

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August 8, 2022

What is the circular economy and why is it important?

Sustainable development requires lavish changes in the way our societies and businesses are organized. The circular economy model offers a new chance for innovation and integration between natural ecosystems, businesses, our daily lives and waste m

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July 29, 2022

Renewable energy : The basis of all development

Today, the demand for energy is increasing rapidly. This has contributed not only to a massive use of natural resources, through unsustainable methods of energy production and consumption, but also to a large-scale degradation of the environment.

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July 25, 2022

Digital Transformation: What are the future challenges of digital?

As the world witnesses an acceleration of digital technologies and adopts them at a rapid pace in everyday work, digital transformation is not just a buzzword. It has become a key topic of discussion for companies around the world.  However,

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July 7, 2022

Why is Executive Education important?

5 good reasons to take executive training : everything you need to know The business world is constantly changing. Whether it's new technologies, social complexities or thought leadership, senior leaders are expected to adapt to strategic challen

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April 15, 2022

Why Executive Education?

Executive education is a thought-provoking learning program that guides an individual and helps him  stay focused on the journey of becoming a better and transformative leader, making a positive impact  in the lives of his community. Also,

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