Mining Environment and Circular Economy

Understand the main keys of the circular economy and the best practices of environmental management in order to master the methods, concepts and technologies necessary to ensure an ecological transition.

Water Management and Supply Chain

Discover a program that aims to train managers so that they can respond concretely to the challenges they face in their respective countries

Smart Crop Irrigation

Explore a program that allows participants to understand the basics of irrigation reasoning, through the calculation of crop water requirements, knowledge of data collection techniques such as IoT and remote sensing ...

July 7, 2022

Why is Executive Education important?

5 good reasons to take executive training : everything you need to know The business world is constantly changing. Whether it's new technologies, social complexities or thought leadership, senior leaders are expected to adapt to strategic challen

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April 15, 2022

Why Executive Education?

Executive education is a thought-provoking learning program that guides an individual and helps him  stay focused on the journey of becoming a better and transformative leader, making a positive impact  in the lives of his community. Also,

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